The future of large gyms and over-crowded group classes will be a thing of the past soon after this Pandemic. FItBOX is Boxing studio that has been social distancing since we opened 7 yrs ago . We are a 1-on-1 Boxing studio that puts our clients through full body boxing workouts by appointment only. Owner @tommymcinerney has always felt you get more out of a 1-on-1 boxing workout then these large group classes that don’t focus on the correct form & technique that helps you get the best full body workout you can get.
Soon we will get the ok from our Government to open up and we are looking forward to start letting your punches go and getting you that guaranteed sweat. For more info on finding out about our boxing studio and to sign up and try a free 1-on-1 boxing session contact us at [email protected] or call/text (781)727-9503. .
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