Tommy trains a wide range of athletes, including men and women, beginners and veterans, amateurs and professionals—even desk jockeys and kids. His clients range in age from 8 to 70, and each has his or her own reason for learning the “sweet science.”

Jenny Dell

“I was always interested in boxing (as a way to tone up), but was intimidated. From the moment I stepped into the ring with Tommy, I felt completely comfortable!! He is patient and introduces the different components of boxing at a rate that is challenging but clear. Tommy is an incredible coach; knowledgeable, motivating, and enthusiastic! You will sweat. You will ache the next day. You will get a GREAT workout. A must try if you are looking to learn about boxing, get into shape, or want to get into the ring to compete. Tommy made working out FUN…you’ll be hooked after the first lesson!”

—Jenny Dell
NFL on CBS Reporter
Sorboni Banerjee

“I hate working out. I love working out with Tommy. His boxing workouts completely changed the shape of my arms. I got a mean tweet at work saying “It must be summer because sorboni’s fat arms are out on the news”. At first I was horrified but then I had to admit after a lazy winter (or five) I had been eating everything and doing nothing. Tommy overheard my story, and challenged me to his workouts. Tommy gave me my motivation and confidence back. The classes take concentration mentally and physically and delete the daily stress. Every workout is different and never boring – and his sense of humor will kill you laughing if his medicine ball routines don’t first. Zen for your head – and building a body that can hold you up. To stand in the middle of the ring and trust in your own strength is something every woman should try.”

—Sorboni Banerjee
Anchor Fox 13 Tampa, Former Anchor Fox 25 Boston
boxing ring

“What I like best about training with Tommy is that he has such a great feel for his clients. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, male or female, young or old, Tommy will coach you, he will push you, and he will make you better. You find out quickly how much passion he has for the sport of boxing—and for teaching the sport of boxing. That is a rare combination and just another example of why working with Tommy is such an enjoyable experience.”

—Eric Tosi
Boston Bruins Media Relations
boxing ring

“It’s impossible to find an adult athletic league with my work schedule. Luckily, a friend recommended Tommy and I couldn’t be happier. Whether we work the mitts at my office gym or meet at the boxing facility to spar a few rounds, I always get a great workout and leave stress free. He has been able to improve my balance,stamina,strength, and coordination while providing me the best stress reliever I can imagine. Spend one session with Tommy and you’ll see for yourself.”

—Michael Fallon
Vice President, The Fallon Company
boxing ring

“I started working out with Tommy because I was getting bored with other workouts. What I found out was not only was it a great work out but an amazing way to relieve stress and anxiety. Between the rigorous workout, the added confidence of feeling strong, and the fact that you can’t even pick up your phone with those gloves on I think Boxing is the perfect workout. It works on your spirit, mind and body. And Tommy is the best…in his own way he makes you feel like a champ.”

—Sarah McKenna
VP Fan Services and Entertainment
boxing ring

“I find working out with Tommy to be a great way to increase conditioning, strength, overall fitness, and confidence. Tommy will create a workout tailored to your skill, level of fitness, and experience. I recommend it to anyone looking to fine-tune their skills, learn new ones, and get in phenomenal shape.”

—Sergeant Richard Forbes
Needham Police Officer, Needham, MA
boxing ring

“I needed a professional trainer to help me prepare for my first amateur fight at a Haymakers for Hope charity event, and I was fortunate to be introduced to Tommy through a mutual friend. Having never boxed before, Tommy spent four and a half months helping me completely transform my body, mind, and spirit for competition.“Despite the short time to train, Tommy managed to teach me all of the fundamentals I needed to be successful: form, footwork, balance, an efficient striking technique, an offensive and defensive strategy, and how to breathe effectively—by all accounts the most difficult skill to learn. Beyond the basics, he worked with me in the ring, wearing mitts and preparing me for our ultimate sparring matches. I’ve never experienced any physical workout as challenging and rewarding as sparring with Tommy. He gradually increased the level of difficulty and pace of our training as I became more experienced and skilled. Six minutes in the ring sparring with him has been by far the best workout I’ve ever had in my life.“As we approached my boxing match, Tommy helped me refine my skills and taught me how to trust my instincts and not over think all of the techniques I had practiced so many times. With each successive week of training, he showed me how to push my own self-conceived boundaries, both physical and mental, forcing me to dig deeper when I thought I had been stripped down and had nothing left in me. This made all the difference in the world and taught me invaluable lessons about boxing and, more importantly, about myself.When it came time for my fight, I was all the more confident because Tommy was in my corner. In between the rounds of the match, he helped me focus on the precise things I needed to in order to manage my adrenaline and maximize my potential. There’s no question that I would not have been successful in the event or learned so much throughout this experience were it not for his dedication, patience, great insight, and talent for instruction.“I plan to continue to train with Tommy, and I have sent my own family and friends to train with him as well. Whether you’re learning the sport for the first time, desire to fight competitively, or simply get into the best shape of your life. I’m confident in saying that training with him has been the best fitness investment I have ever made. A respectful ambassador to the sport, Tommy is a phenomenal teacher who was fully committed to my development and measured his success by way of my own. I’m very happy to call him my trainer and now a good friend.”

—Varun Solan
Haymakers for Hope, Boston 2013
boxing ring

“I’m a Boston Police Officer and a U.S. Marine with two combat tours in Iraq. I recently participated in a charity boxing event that benefited the Massachusetts Iraq and Afghanistan Fallen Heroes Memorial Fund. I needed a local gym to train at, and from my first contact with Tommy McInerney, I knew I needed to look no further. Tommy was instrumental in helping me achieve my goals to accomplish my mission. Tommy provided me with excellent instruction and techniques that elevated limited boxing skills to a level that enabled me to compete against an opponent with more experience and a higher skill level. I was able to relax, feel comfortable, and focus on my opponent. I highly recommend Tommy McInerney as a personal boxing instructor and will continue to train with him.”

—Dan McMorrow
Boston Police Officer Fight for the Fallen, Boston 2013
boxing ring

“Upon moving to Boston after college, I joined a local gym/sports club chain and began the monotony of the treadmill, lifting, spinning routine. Wanting more of the competitive aspect of my football background, I sought out boxing. That’s when I met Tommy at local boxing gym. We instantly clicked. By working with a potpourri of professionals in the city, Tommy understands that people like me are always looking for a challenge and an intangible perfection, both in our personal and professional lives. Tommy was able to help me appreciate the sport of boxing as a science, a discipline, and as an invaluable training platform. He will break you down, build you up, and cement your skills. If you put in equal effort, you won’t regret a minute of your time with him.”

—Josh Dawson
Executive Director Steve Grossman Committee
boxing ring

“I am a retired professional dancer and took up boxing for exercise many years ago. Tommy has been my trainer for a couple of years now, and I love my sessions with him. His knowledge of the sport and his ability to impart that knowledge makes him a wonderful teacher. He will push you to work hard, while instructing you to work correctly. I always leave my sessions feeling exhausted yet exhilarated at the same time. If you are ready to work hard, then I highly recommend working out with Tommy. (And he makes me laugh, too.)”

—Ms Jackie Blombach
Boston, MA
boxing ring

“I have been boxing with Tommy for almost three years now. I started with no experience at all and with no idea what to expect. Now, I can’t imagine not boxing. Its a great workout and Tommy makes it fun. I highly recommend the sport and I highly recommend Tommy. You’ll get in great shape and you’ll have a great time doing it.”

—Chris Callanan
Attorney, Boston, MA
boxing ring

“Tommy is an awesome boxing trainer! He introduced me to the sport almost 2 yrs ago and I absolutely love it! His workouts are challenging but a lot of fun. I have been involved in the fitness world for over 10 years now, even so a boxing workout with Tommy is like taking a fitness to the next level. He is great at instruction, coaching and pushing me out of my comfort zone. Boxing with Tommy is beyond a common workout session, it is both a mental and physical workout, it works your whole body and mind. Whether you are a fitness fanatic, a beginner or someone just looking for something new, I HIGHLY recommend working with Tommy, He will give you a great boxing workout that fits you!!”

—Kelly Friedman
ACSM Health Fitness Specialist
boxing ring

“I was apprehensive to start boxing but now it is my favorite workout solely due to my trainer Tommy. He creates a laid back and fun environment but doesn’t let me get away with slacking off which one can do in a class. Not only does training with Tommy relieve stress, but it also increases your coordination, agility and strength. Tommy has a knack for making work outs enjoyable during the session and even post session; feeling exhausted and sore but knowing I am getting into better physical and mental shape.”

—Amy W. Finsilver
General Manager, Fifteen Beacon Hotel, Boston, MA
boxing ring

“I have been working with Tommy for 6 years. I originally surfaced when my doctor told me to lose weight and to find a compelling exercise that I was interested in and could stick with. The alternative was to start taking high-blood-pressure meds. Fast forward to 2013: I’ve kept off 20 pounds, and Tommy has taught me a lot about movement and timing. In fact, I am still learning a lot about the “sweet science.” Tommy is a friend, trusted coach, trainer, and one hell of a guy! If you are lucky enough to get mixed up with Tommy, it will be a great thing for you on many levels. On a scale of 1 to 10, Tommy is a 25!”

—Dennis Ford
CEO Life Science Nation
boxing ring

“The counterpunch to a boring workout is to take a Tommy class! He mixes up every session so you go 10 rounds & leave feeling strong.”

—Lisa Aimola
Quincy, MA
Sarah Wroblewski
Sarah Wroblewski
WFXT Fox 25 Meteorologist

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